Grief is an emotional response to the feelings of loss we experience as a result of bereavement or people or things leaving our lives or when things we cannot control affect or change our lives. This category relates to blogs and resources that can help with the process of grieving and bereavement.

When people we love, care for or have a difficult relationship with, die or become ill, leave us either physically or mentally as in the case of Dementia, or simply do not wish to see us any more, we experience feelings of loss which leads to a process of grieving.

This can also happen with things or circumstances we have a strong emotional attachment to.

Grieving is the process of adapting to life without the relationship in its previous form in it. Grief and loss are difficult things to come to terms with and it may take some time to go through this process. How long we take to adapt to life without this loss will vary from person to person and the nature of the loss and its unique meaning to them.

Sometimes grief can be complicated because the bereaved person cannot process the grief and the loss. This then means that the process can stall, leaving the person stuck.

The loss a person experiences will likely stay with them forever, but the bereaved person will usually gradually begin to engage with their lives again when they have been able to accept the loss and learn to live with it as part of their life. This means that the nature of the attachment to the person or thing that has gone has changed to accept the loss.